The Ohio Mile: Land speed record racing right in your backyard

    You already know about land speed record racing at the famed salt flats of Bonneville, and some of you may even know about places like El Mirage… But did you know they’re doing 200+ MPH land speed record runs right in the heart of the cornfields of the midwest? They are, and it’s awesome.

    Each summer, the East Coast Timing Association rents an old airfield half way between Columbus, OH and Cincinnati, OH, just on the outskirts of a little town calling Wilmington. It’s here where they hold 3 annual timed mile Land Speed Record racing events. It’s here where cars and motorcycles frequently race well over 200+ and into the record books for the ECTA’s “Ohio Mile.”

    IMG_6825 IMG_6823

    Their May meet has been underwritten recently by Hot Rod Magazine (who offers a great photo gallery for you here) where racers battle it out for their Top Speed Challenge crown.

    IMG_6774 IMG_6783 IMG_6782

    The Ohio Mile events from the East Coast Timing Association bring out every sort of wheeled contraption imaginable. From street legal passenger cars to V-rod powered belly tankers to bizarre little Fiats, you’ll see it all here.

    IMG_6850 IMG_6822 IMG_6815 IMG_6807 IMG_6786 IMG_6789 IMG_6778 IMG_6779 IMG_6767 IMG_6764 IMG_6760 IMG_6754 IMG_6751 IMG_6748 IMG_6744 IMG_6740 IMG_6733 IMG_6732 IMG_6731

    The other little bonus? LSR racing fans tend to bring some pretty awesome stuff to the track… Now these are some sweet spectator rides:

    IMG_6803 IMG_6802 IMG_6793 IMG_6797

    For most of us, being around a land speed record car is not a normal thing… It’s just not that common, especially outside the flats of the deserts out west, but you can see them every summer right in the heart of Ohio. Bring your lawn chair and $15 for the entire weekend or just $10 for just Sunday. The “pits” are open as are the staging lines. If you love to check out some truly remarkable engineering and hear the rumble of some monster motors as they go flat-out for the record books, we can’t recommend the Ohio Mile events enough.

    IMG_6843 IMG_6836 IMG_6832 IMG_6809 IMG_6806

    IMG_6812 IMG_6811


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