Woman says God encouraged her to take a road trip to every single Costco in the US

    You can’t make this stuff up. One California woman is on a divinely-inspired odyssey to visit every Costco in the United States…

    We love a good themed road trip here at Two Lane America. From trying to visit every Major League Baseball stadium to the Bourbon Trail, we’re a fan of it all. Case in point, we heavily featured some of our friends who endeavored to visit all 50 states in only 7 days. (Read more about that here). Today, we ran across quite possibly the strangest themed road trip ever.


    Meet Barb. After what she calls a little encouragement from God, she’s traveling cross-country to visit as many Costcos as she possibly can.

    Yep. Costco. The big, giant discount retailer.

    Barbara Pope of Napa, CA told the Napa Valley Register:

    “I’m a woman of faith. I believe God was telling me [to do this cross-country Costco road trip].”

    She credits Costco with helping her learn about the northern California region after moving to the area from Chicago, and she’s convinced every Costco is a little different.

    Now she’s on the road to prove it.

    Barb packed up her minivan a few weeks ago and is updating the world on her Costco adventures on her appropriately named “My Costco Odyssey” blog.


    As of last week, Barb had racked up over 6,000 miles on her 2010 Honda Odyssey (how fitting) and visited nearly 40 stores in 19 states.

    Only about 460 stores and 25 states to go!

    Along the way she’s even caught the attention of Costco. Barb’s now met the CEO and is even getting invites to Costco grand openings.


    While claiming God inspired her to take this journey may sound a little odd at first, the trip does seem to be bringing out the best in the strangers she’s meeting along the way.

    We think he’s a fan of us being excellent to one another.

    Barb says folks have been surprisingly cool- inviting her to stay at their homes and inviting her on all sorts of other excursions.

    Here’s what she told the Napa Valley Register:

    “The random people that I’ve been meeting along the way (outside of Costco) who encourage me by laughing with me at the seeming absurdity of a venture like this and embrace my excitement about it by taking it as their own – I’m amazed by this camaraderie.”


    So yeah, if one woman’s cross-country quest to visit Costcos brings out the best in us, maybe it is something of the divine.

    We sure could use a little more feel good floating around right now.

    For those of you wondering, her husband is said to be totally cool with her solo odyssey. We imagine he’s just excited about pretty much never having to go grocery shopping again after this. Ever.

    Barb is also looking for sponsors to help keep her gas tank full so if you want to be part of the Odyssey, reach out to her. (Why Costco hasn’t written a big, giant check already befuddles us.)

    Check her out on Facebook and on her wonderfully uplifting blog.

    Also, read her full interview with the Napa Valley Register’s Jennifer Huffman.

    (All photos via Facebook)