Visiting one town’s remarkably moving war museum

    Most military-focused museums are all about the big machinery… the guns, the tanks, the airplanes. They use those major pieces of hardware in hopes you’ll read the storyboards surrounding the eye candy. The Livingston County War Museum in Pontiac, IL, however, took a unique person-first approach to their museum… The results are moving.


    For starters, the museum is staffed by veterans and history buffs with not only knowledge of America’s past wars and conflicts but also knowledge of Livingston county’s role in each.









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    Instead of planes and tanks, the Livingston County War Museum features smaller artifacts and mannequins in full military uniform… each representing a local soldier. The stories attached to the uniforms, like these 3, are moving, to say the least…





    For the best experience, spend some time letting one of the volunteers show you around and hear the stories of heroism represented by each mannequin in the museum.


     (This post is part of more from a visit to Pontiac, IL. Read our full tour of Pontiac here.)

    View more images from the war museum in this gallery:

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    • David Estes

      Thank you for the wonderful review. My father, Dal Estes, was the founder of the museum. We have just celebrated our 10th anniversary and are overwhelmed by the visitors and positive comments we receive. Thanks for yours!

      David Estes – Education Director – Livingston County War Museum/Dal Estes Education Center

      • Austin Coop

        Hi David, I remember reading his story (and your family’s). He starter a wonderful legacy, and I hope my little review helps in some small way! Keep in touch, Austin

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