Ultra-rare Yellowstone bus found hidden in a barn

    Yellowstone National Park is, well, a national treasure, and for the past century people have been flocking there to experience natural wonders like Old Faithful and the Circle of Fire. In the early 1900s, however, it was rough country and getting your old Model T all the way to Yellowstone then through the park then all the way back home was a monumental task. As motorized transportation became more the norm, Yellowstone commissioned the building of several gorgeous tour buses from White Motor Company. Now, one of those early Yellowstone buses is up for sale after sitting in a Washington state barn for six decades…


    This ultra-rare bus was used until just after World War II and is one of a handful built to replace the first buses which were destroyed when Yellowstone’s bus barn burned to the ground in the spring of 1925.

    Yellowstone Park Transportation Company bus at West Thumb; Photographer unknown; Around 1919
    Yellowstone Park Transportation Company bus at West Thumb;
    Photographer unknown;
    Around 1919

    Apparently, a Washington state family bought the bus after it was decommissioned and put it in a windowless shed where it sat untouched until just recently. This hidden gem can be all yours, but it won’t be cheap. When the seller describes the bus as “an investment,” I know I cannot afford it. Starting bid is $70,000…

    If touring Yellowstone in a sweet vintage bus sounds awesome, but maybe you don’t have $70,000 laying around for an 11-passenger 1925 bus, fear not! Yellowstone still offers tours (through their business partner) in wonderful vintage buses.




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