Super useful tips for being safe while traveling with kids

    Keep the ones you love the most safe this holiday season with these helpful safety tips for traveling with kids…

    Ok, so this is totally outside the normal realm of our topics on Two Lane America, but when a friend asked us to share an absolutely great, comprehensive article on how to keep your kids safe while traveling, we felt compelled to pass it along.

    Be sure to click the link at the bottom to see the full article.

    From our friend Jenny Holt:

    Christmas brings the family together. It’s a time of year when road trips are not just about seeing America’s greatness but also visiting loved ones. Sad to say, but each year we mourn the loss of many people who explored the open roads either with us or people we met on the road. This too, includes many kids under the age of 13.

    Every year in America, over 600 children die each year in car crashes and over 120,000 more are injured. Many of these cannot be avoided because of fate or the size of the impact, but many others could. In fact, around 35% of children killed in such accidents were not wearing seatbelts at the time.

    Are you unsure what to do before going on on a long drive with your children? Many families and parents make one of six common mistakes with child car seats alone. To help parents better understand what they need to do to make the journey as safe as possible for young kids, we have written this article on how to drive America safely with your kids.

    Stay safe out there, traveling friends. Happy Holidays!


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