In NBC’s This is Us, Jack and Rebecca frequent a Pittsburgh watering hole known as Froggy’s, but is it a real place? We find out.

    So it took us all of one episode to be hooked on NBC’s new hit, This is Us, and if you’re like me, you take note of the places mentioned in TV shows and movies. For me, it meant we immediately wondered if there really is a “Froggy’s” bar in Pittsburgh like the bar in the show where Jack and Rebecca watch Steelers games and even conceive their original triplets.

    Turns out, there was.

    The real Froggy’s Bar in Pittsburgh opened way back in 1979 and had a good run before finally closing in 2003. According to fans of the bar who now run a Facebook page dedicated to its memory, the walls were covered with photos of celebrities who’d stopped by and ticket stubs from big events in Pittsburgh.

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    Since nearly all the filming for This is Us takes place in Los Angeles (with the exception of the Memphis episode and a few other scenes), it was unlikely Jack and Rebecca’s “Froggy’s” scenes were filmed on location to begin with, but now we know Froggy’s wasn’t even an option, having closed years ago. (If you really want to know about the bar’s closing, you can read this.)

    Sadly, Froggy, aka Steve Morris (pictured above) passed away in 2008.

    So is the Froggy’s in This is Us based on the now-closed Froggy’s in Pittsburgh? Judging by the similarities in the logos, we’re guessing so. Just a shame the real Froggy’s isn’t open anymore.

    So if you’re headed to Pittsburgh in hopes of visiting the bar from the show (just like we did with the real “Molly’s” from Chicago Fire), you’ll be out of luck.

    But WAIT, you say… So what bar do they use as “Froggy’s” in the show?

    Excellent question… And we have the answer. The bar used in the TV show is actually Godmother’s Saloon in San Pedro, CA (LA).

    We’ll try to track down more This is Us locations and get back to you.

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    • Marsha Kmec

      My husband worked with Froggy Morris for ages while attending law school. There was only ONE Froggy and he was a character, larger than life, generous beyond belief, and a wonderful friend and party guy. He was so much fun to be with no matter who you were! When I finally got to binge watch “This is Us” due to lack of time, I was amazed and thrilled!! Thank you so much for paying homage to Froggy. We miss him terribly, even here in Los Angeles. Keep up the great work regarding “This is Us. Addendum: Froggy did own another place called “Bimbos” which was great as well. Located in the South Hills of Pittsburgh (Mt. Lebanon I believe).

      • Austin Coop

        Thanks for the info about Bimbos! And thanks for reading!

    • Greg

      The back of the original froggys bar, where the bottles are, is currently at the main bar at oakmont country club in oakmont, pa

    • Traci

      The real Froggy’s was quite different than the corner bar in This Is Us. I worked there in 1984. Froggy’s served expensive steaks and Long Island Iced Teas. It was not a neighborhood bar where the locals went to watch the Steelers. More a place for business dinners and dinners out before a concert. Our biggest night that summer was before the Simon and Garfunkel reunion concert at Three Rivers Stadium. The line ran all the way around the corner and down the street.

      Froggy was definitely larger than life, though.

      • Austin Coop

        Traci, thank you so much for your comment. I’ve loved seeing the comments from folks like you as the post gets attention. Obviously, we were just curious about the bar since we love the show. So cool to hear people sharing their own info about the place. THANKS!

    • Ryan Z

      This is such a cool writeup. I hope you can document more of the locations.

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