Welcome to America’s most badass coffee shop: See See Motor Coffee Co.

    Motorcycles and coffee. Does it get any cooler? No, no it doesn’t. We stop by America’s coolest coffeeshop: See See Motor Coffee Co. in Portland, OR.


    Have you ever just kind of Instagram stalked some particular place for months and months thinking about how cool it would be to actually visit said place?


    Yes. That’s what we did with See See Motor Coffee Co. While the debate to just go ahead and write an article about the place based on how cool it looked from internet pictures, something told us this coffee shop deserved a proper write-up after a proper visit. Finally, after months and months of creepily “liking” everything they ever put on social media, we made it to Portland, Oregon’s very own See See Motor Coffee Co.

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    One half functional motorcycle shop, one half coffee shop, See See Motor Coffee blends pretty much everything awesome into one place: motorcycles, Stumptown coffee, Roman Candle Bakery pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and even hot dogs & beer.


    We don’t know what heaven is like, but if you told us the streets outside See See Motor Coffee were paved in gold, we’d be pretty confident we had died and gone there.


    Our visit was fairly early in the morning so the actual motorcycle shop hadn’t opened for the day, but being the nosey, pains-in-the-ass we are, we definitely tried to snoop around to get a little peek. Like the coffee shop, it too seems like the coolest place ever.


    The first thing anyone notices about See See is the wall of helmets. It’s kind of their thing. Motorcycle nuts know See See Motor Coffee Co. as the home of the 21 Helmets show, a showcase of Bell helmets fashioned by some pretty incredible artists. We could try to explain this, but it’s easier to just watch this video:

    (By the way, the 2015 show is coming up! Click here for more info)




    We want to point out See See isn’t a crappy coffee shop hiding behind awesome motorcycle stuff. Our coffee and breakfast sandwiches were both on point. We haven’t been there for the daily Hot Dog Happy Hour, but we’re sure the locally made hot dogs and sausages they serve are pretty kick-ass too. Put simply, they do it right.








    So we’re here to tell you, if you’re ever in Portland, go to See See Motor Coffee Co. In the meantime, do what we did (and still do), stalk them incessantly on Instagram and Facebook.

    See See Motor Coffee Co.

    1642 NE SANDY BLVD.

    PORTLAND, ORE. 97232


    Monday-Friday, 7AM-7PM

    Saturday & Sunday, 8AM-6PM


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    • Don

      Well Austin, you trumped me again! I wish I had known about this place when we were there.

      We went to the Voodoo Donut shop saw the hour-long line, said “Are you [expletive deleted] kidding me? I’ll put bacon on my own donuts, thank you very much.” and walked through the neighboring market on a quest to find Portland’s “Unicycler”. A guy dressed in a kilt, riding a unicycle, playing bagpipes that occasionally shots flames from the pipes. Alas . . . we couldn’t find him.

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