Spending several weeks a year on the road, you’d think we’d be experts by now on packing, checking the car, and all that jazz, but truth be told… We still mess it up each and every year. Thankfully, our friends have come to the rescue with this interactive and printable checklist complete with how-to videos…

    Click for the interactive road trip checklist and how-to videos.
    Click for the interactive road trip checklist and how-to videos.

    For the interactive ultimate road trip checklist, the how-to videos, and a PDF version to print, head over to AutoAccessoriesGarage.com

    While we’re on the topic… Here are a few other random road trip tips we’ve learned the hard way:

    Pack both your wall charger and your car charger and a cord for both

    It’s tempting to bring just the phone charger, since you’ll be in the car- it is a road trip, but charging your phone overnight is a good idea- spotty cell service can be a battery killer and some car chargers just don’t do the trick. (FYI In-car USB ports often don’t put out the same juice as the 12V port. Streaming music while trying to “charge” using the in-car USB will likely leave you kind of bummed out and un-charged. Once again, learned the hard way.)


    But can’t you get away with just one cord? Yes. Until you leave the cord and charger in a hotel room. Plus, you’ll be tired and lazy at the end of each day of road tripping so if you already have a charger and cord packed, it’s one less thing to shuffle in and out of the car.

    Have actual music somewhere


    Don’t care if it’s on your phone or an old-school iPod… Just have some music/audiobooks/etc. actually ON your device, not just streamed. If you’ve ever driven through northern New Mexico with 3 hours of radio static and no data for streaming music, you know exactly what we’re saying.

    Do NOT use any gift card AT the pump.


    Go inside and tell them the amount you want. This will keep the card from getting a hold put on it. Nothing worse than using a $50 gift card on $10 in gas and realizing the whole thing is tied up in a hold when you try to use it for dinner. Once again, we learned this the hard way.