Want to buy a restored retro diner? Diversified Diners will sell you one.


    Ever dream of owning your very own retro diner? You can literally buy an entire vintage diner from this company…

    Do you ever long for the 1950s again? All those stainless steel diners that dotted the American landscape… Well, if you have the money, the folks at Diversified Diners will restore one and deliver it right to you. (Or restore one you already purchased!)

    via Broadway Diner in Baraboo, WI
    via Broadway Diner in Baraboo, WI

    Yeah, you read that right. Cleveland-based Diversified Diners is the only place in the whole wide world that focuses on fixing up and preserving real, authentic diners from yesteryears. You can literally pick one of their currently available diners, have them restore it to your specs, and then have them ship it to you.

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    Curious if they do good work? Here are some of their past restorations:

    sweet city


    american diner

    And here are a few they currently have “in stock”…

    Short Stop Diner

    Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.07.59 PM

    A 1949 Paramount Dinette, the Short Stop is smaller than your typical diner as it was designed as a low-cost alternative for returning WWII GIs looking to start their own businesses. This diner originally sat in Belleville, NJ, but now Diversified Diners has it, just waiting for you to come along and buy it up.

    Venus Diner

    Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.06.55 PM

    Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.07.13 PM

    Venus as it sat in 1992
    Venus as it sat in 1992

    Does it get any cooler than this? Once a landmark of Gibsonia, PA, now the Venus Diner sits on blocks at Diversified Diners. Just buy it, ok? And let us come hang out when it’s reopened.

    The owner of Diversified Diners, Steve Harwin, probably knows more about diners than anyone alive, so if you have an old, crusty diner in your hometown you’d like to see restored, reach out to him (216-229-7250). He might just help you restore it to its original glory.

    To see before and after pictures, read more on the history of some of the past projects, or browse their current inventory of diners (in case you, ya know, want to buy an entire diner), head over to Diversified Diners’ website.

    All photos via Diversified Diners


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