Hop in the old cruiser and fill up on good food and tasty ice cream at these unbeatable Pennsylvania drive-in restaurants…

    Going to the local drive-in used to be “the” thing to do on hot summer days and nights. Today, there are still plenty of Pennsylvania drive-ins doing it like the good ol’ days. Here are 9 of our favorite Pennsylvania drive-in restaurants. Load the family or your special someone in the classic car and head on down…

    Red Rabbit (Duncannon, PA)

    Driving into the parking lot of Red Rabbit is like crossing a time continuum back to 1962. From the retro stylings to the old-fashioned carhop service, Red Rabbit feels like the old-school drive-ins you remember from your childhood. In fact, the outside hasn’t changed much since the place first opened in the 1960s, and we love it.

    Like most excellent drive-ins, Red Rabbit prides itself in amazing ice cream creations (floats, milkshakes, and more) and a signature burger, the “Bunny Burger.”

    Fence Drive In (Milton, PA)

    The only drive-in on our list to come with a river view, the Fence Drive In in Milton, PA is an area institution. For many locals, some of their earliest memories involved grabbing a bite served by a carhop as they enjoyed a little view of the Susquehanna River. These days, carhops still bring the food to your car or you can enjoy an outdoor table as the river gently flows by.

    Boehringer’s Drive-In (Adamstown, PA)

    The Fence Drive In may have a river, but Boehringer’s Drive-In has Little Muddy Creek, and it’s pretty darn great too. Grab some of their homemade ice cream & something from the grill and enjoy a table outdoors as ducks swim by. To keep the good times rolling, take a 1/2 gallon of ice cream home with you too.

    Hill Top Drive In (Pottstown, PA)

    Ah all that neon! We love it. Hill Top Drive In started way back in the early 50s, and it’s just a charming now as it was back then. In case the ice cream cone on top didn’t give it away, Hilltop is definitely the place in Pottstown for something cold and sweet. Don’t be surprised if some classic cars and trucks happen to pop in while you’re there.

    Kountry Korner Drive In (Reinholds, PA)

    Nothing says vintage kitsch like spelling your name with “K”s instead of “C”s. Kountry Korner has charm in spades, and we’re betting after you try their chicken, you’ll make this Reinholds, PA landmark a permanent stop on your travels through Pennsylvania.

    Donge’s Drive In & Motel (Meyersdale, PA)

    If there’s a diner on the list to win “best breakfast,” Donge’s Drive In takes the award. If you’re a fan of huge pancakes, this place won’t let you down. Of course, breakfast isn’t the only meal of the day Donge’s has mastered over the past 50 years. Juicy burgers, crispy fries, and knockout pies, and more help round out this little hidden gem.

    Intel's Pennside Drive-In (Reading, PA)

    Chili dogs, soft serve, and old cars… does it get any better? Well, that’s just a normal Sunday afternoon at Intel’s Pennside Drive-In.  Can’t make it in on a Sunday? No problem, their tasty menu is reason enough to drop by for lunch or dinner. Getting tired of the fried foods on your drive-in tour? This is also the best place on our list to grab a cold or hot sub sandwich.

    Cameo Drive-In (Aspers, PA)

    If there’s a food the Cameo Drive-In can’t make well, we haven’t found it. From peach cobbler to pasta to homemade pie, they can do it all. With a diversity of regular and specialty menu items almost never seen at a drive-in diner, Cameo Drive In easily makes our list of best drive-ins in the state.

    Spangenberg's Family Drive-In (Coal Township, PA)

    With two dozen different soft serve flavors, Spangenberg’s Family Drive-In surely has some flavor of ice cream you’ll fall in love with. In addition to their soft serve, the drive-in serves up all the other delicious eats you’d want at a good local drive-in. Want the drive-in to come to you? Spangenberg’s actually delivers!

    Ok, so we know you have your own Pennsylvania favorites. Let us know what drive-ins you’d add to our list…

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