Roll the windows down and cruise to this perfect open road playlist

    A little on the mellow and classic side, these songs are perfect for those long drives on empty roads…

    Since Spotify can only take us so far, we’re also throwing in a couple songs, versions of songs, etc. not included on that handy-dandy playlist above.

    How I got to Memphis – The Avett Brothers Version

    An update on the classic, this version is a prime example of why we love the Avett Brothers.

    Pancho & Lefty – featuring Toby Keith

    Anytime Toby gets on stage with Willie and Merle, he gives it his all. We’re big fans of this version of Pancho and Lefty.

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    And because Spotify doesn’t have much of the legendary Bob Seger and he is solid road trip gold…

    Against the Wind – Bob Seger

    Night Moves – Bob Seger

    Like a Rock – Bob Seger

    Turn the Page – Bob Seger

    We imagine you have another 1,000 songs you’d suggest for the list. Well, suggest it! We’ll update the Spotify playlist accordingly!


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