Hogs take over one Ohio road (and no, we don’t mean motorcycles)

    In a story that’s one part tragic and one part bizarre, piglets have taken over one Ohio road trip route…

    US 35 through Xenia, OH (southwest Ohio) is a scenic route full of twists, turns, and peaceful farms, but those twists and turns proved to be too much for a South Carolina semi-truck driver who overturned his trailer, killing much of his cargo… Piglets.

    More images and an up-to-date timeline can be found here at WHIO

    The driver is reported to be uninjured, but a passenger was taken to the hospital, and now nearly 1,100 pigs are being rounded up around the town of Xenia. (This is an update from earlier reports. They believe 1,100 pigs are alive, 1,100 dead.)

    A semitrailer carrying more than 2,000 pigs overturned Monday evening just outside Xenia, Ohio, killing hundreds of animals and letting even more loose. Thankfully, area farmers with livestock trailers have been rounding up as many pigs as they with the help of police, firefighters, and parks officers. The pigs are then kept at the local county fairgrounds. They believe to have over 1,000 pigs in “custody.”

    Sadly, these surviving pigs face a fate similar to the 1,100 killed in the accident… They’ll be raised and slaughtered at a later date.

    With a cow running down the highways in Cincinnati, OH and now pigs everyone along the road in Xenia, OH, we have to ask… What’s the weirdest animal you’ve encountered on the road?