Goodguys Road Tour Day 4 Recap: Long haul to a Bonneville legend’s farm

    We had a long way to go and a short time to get there, but it was worth the drive to see the farm of one of the fastest men alive, George Poteet. Here’s our Day 4 Goodguys Hall of Fame Road Tour Update…

    After a late night on the hotel patio with fellow Goodguys Road Tour participants, Two Lane America and Team Mustang Girls woke early to see if the “Project Road Warrior” Mustang could handle its biggest challenge yet: 550 miles across Oklahoma, Tennessee, and even Mississippi.

    Goodguys Road Tour-269

    For the most part, there’s not much to say about the first half of the day… Lots of cruising on I-40. Thankfully, the Mustang didn’t have a single problem (thanks to the several pounds of ice we packed on the gas tank). The only exciting event of the day was running into the Bowers and their beautiful red, fastback Mustang.

    Goodguys Road Tour-265

    Goodguys Road Tour-267

    Sure, a truck stop isn’t the most scenic backdrop, but we had to get pictures with our fellow Mustang road warriors. The Bowers were on their way to their home in Florida after a ridiculous cross-country trip to several National Parks. Two Lane America tips our hat to anyone who gets a vintage car out and hits the road like they did!

    After parting with the Bowers, it was miles… and miles… and miles of I-40 until we hit the edge of Memphis and shot down to Holly Springs, MS for dinner at Phillips Grocery.

    Goodguys Road Tour-273

    Tucked along an old rail line, Phillips Grocery has to be one of the neatest little burger joints we’ve ever seen with its checkered past as a former saloon (and we’re told brothel). From Phillips Grocery:

    The original Phillips Grocery in Holly Springs, MS was built and operated in 1892 by Oliver Quiggins, a former Confederate soldier and prisoner of war of the Union Army.  Phillips Grocery was operated as a saloon until prohibition when it became a grocery store in 1919. Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Phillips bought the store in 1948, developed a special and still secret recipe and began to grill the famous Phillips hamburgers.

    Not only is the place historic and rustic, the burgers are absolutely incredible. This place is a must-stop detour to anyone headed south from Memphis.

    Goodguys Road Tour-270

    Goodguys Road Tour-272

    Goodguys Road Tour-274

    From Phillips Grocery it was off to George Poteet’s farm. Gentle country roads twisted and turned until we came to what might be considered a Mecca to any car-lover. For those of you not familiar with Poteet, he’s one of the fastest men alive, having gone 400+ MPH at Bonneville multiple times in the Poteet and Main “Speed Demon” (The world’s fastest piston engine wheel driven car with a 439.024 record)

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    Goodguys Road Tour-275

    His farm features dozens and dozens of beautiful vintage cars along with enough Bonneville trophies and memorabilia to make you literally drool a little bit.

    Goodguys Road Tour-277

    Goodguys Road Tour-284

    Goodguys Road Tour-281

    Goodguys Road Tour-291

    Goodguys Road Tour-296

    Goodguys Road Tour-299

    Poteet’s Farm was also a great spot for some pictures of our fellow road tour participants’ rides:

    Goodguys Road Tour-287

    Goodguys Road Tour-286

    Goodguys Road Tour-301

    Goodguys Road Tour-307

    Goodguys Road Tour-313

    With the sun going down, we left Poteet’s and found some country roads perfect for some night shots of Team Mustang Girls’ “Project Road Warrior” Mustang.

    Goodguys Road Tour-315

    Goodguys Road Tour-317

    It was a long drive on Day 4 of the Goodguys Road Tour, but man, was it worth it…

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