Step into the rowdy days of Old Sacramento at Fanny Ann’s Saloon

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    Only one Sacramento saloon brings the rowdiness of an 1800s steamboat ashore for an unforgettable place to grab a burger and a beer. See how Fanny Ann’s takes awesome to a whole new level…

    To know about Fanny Ann’s Saloon, first you have to know about Fanny Ann… Back in the 1800s, the steamboat named Fanny Ann was one helluva boat, serving both the city of Sacramento and the entire country in more ways than one. For starters, Fanny Ann’s helped ferry supplies to Sutter’s Fort and was a vital boat for shipping the new riches of the gold rush elsewhere before eventually being used by the Union Pacific Railroad.

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    More important work awaited the Fanny Ann, though. She became a vital part of the efforts to fight a massive fire in 1852 and is even credited for saving the whole city of Sacramento from going up in flames. Her most noble work, however, came in 1862 when she was called to supply 30,000 Union troops deep in the heart of Louisiana. While the Union army lost that battle, Fanny Ann was able to ferry the remaining rations back up the river for the Third Battle of Chattanooga where the Union scored a key victory in the war.

    After serving her country with honor, the Fanny Ann was brought back to Sacramento where she’d serve her country in an, um, *cough*, “different” way…

    Once back home, the Fanny Ann was bought by a local saloon owner and madam who docked the Fanny Ann next to her saloon and converted it for “recreational” uses. Apparently, the boat was such a hit the madam even changed her legal name to Fanny Ann.

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    As the case for more than one rowdy riverboats of the day, the Fanny Ann would fall victim to a fire on Independence Day in 1869. Fanny was able to save plenty from the sinking ship, and out of these historic relics Fanny Ann’s Saloon was born.

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    Today, a cannon from the boat marks the entrance to Fanny Ann’s Saloon and bits and pieces of her are scattered throughout the saloon. Oh, but it’s not just old boat pieces that make this place awesome. There’s something cool to discover on every single nook, cranny, and wall of this place.

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    How about an old stagecoach hanging from the ceiling? Got it. Want to play a little pinball? Yeah, got that too. What about an old-fashioned barber pole or a taxidermy deer head? Yep. Got it. Of all the little bars and saloons dotting the streets of Old Sacramento, none had the old-west-saloon atmosphere quite the way Fanny Ann’s did.

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    Of course, the beer is cold and the food is good, too. We were just there for a beer when we visited, but we’re told the Jiffy Burger is a must-try.

    If you’re making a little trip to Old Sacramento, Fanny Ann’s Saloon should be on your list of places to grab a drink or bite to eat.

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    Fanny Ann’s Saloon

    1023 2nd St.

    Old Sacramento, CA 95814

    (916) 441-0505

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