This Christmas, say “I love you” by giving someone a chance to destroy stuff with a tank

    Because nothing shows your love more than a gift certificate to crush a car with a big-ass tank…

    There’s a little saying floating around right now we really love: “Spend your money on experiences, not things.” We couldn’t agree more, and what better memory to share with a loved one than flattening a car like a pancake with a real tank?

    Believe it or not, there are actually a few places in the United States where you can drive a tank and even crush a car with it (or fire off some rounds). If you’re looking to buy the ultimate “experience” gift, pick a package from one of these 4 completely badass tank experience companies…

    Tank Town USA (Morganton, GA)

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    Probably the most affordable on our list, Tank Town USA offers everything from operating an excavator to driving a tank to crushing a car. Driving a tank will cost you a mere $100 plus you get a free passenger to scare the crap out of. If you want to crush a car it’ll set you back $550 but that includes not one, but two additional passengers to share in the fun.

    Want to bring your entire crew along? They offer all sorts of specials for birthdays and group outings.

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    Battlefield Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)

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    Vegas has a reputation of being a place where you can indulge in pretty much anything you desire. If you desire to crush a car with a tank, Battlefield Vegas can make that a reality. They’ll pick you up from the Strip in a Humvee and give you a brief training course on how to pilot their M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank before letting you loose to “send another car to the automobile graveyard.”

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    At $2,500, it’s not necessarily the gift for someone on a budget, but it’s definitely the gift for someone that wants to ensure their loved one’s Vegas bachelor party really is one to remember.

    Ox Ranch aka (Uvalde, TX)

    via Ox Ranch

    While the other tank-driving experiences on this list focus on driving a tank, only DriveTanks at the Ox Ranch in Texas lets you drive and SHOOT from real tanks. As they say, “there are few experiences in life more exhilarating than shooting a Sherman tank’s 76mm cannon!” Yeah, we suppose that’s very true.

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    The added bonus to hitting up DriveTanks, the whole family gets to enjoy Ox Ranch, an 18,000+ acre wildlife bonanza with everything from kangaroos to zebras to giraffes you can feed by hand.

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    Drive a Tank (Kasota, MN)

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    With three awesome packages to choose from, there’s something at Drive a Tank for every budget. Each package includes some tank driving time along with some time firing some sort of awesome machine gun on their range. If you want to crush a car, it’ll cost a little extra, but come on… you know you want to crush a car.

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    If you really want to go absolutely nuts, they have a “drive a tank through a house” option. You’ll need to talk to them for pricing on that absurdly awesome activity.

    Oh, and think these are just gifts for the guys? Think again. This hilarious video from Tank Town USA shows just how romantic this can be for that special lady in your life…

    So who still wants socks and underwear this Christmas?


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