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66 Diner: Albuquerque’s phenomenal Route 66 blast from the past

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Retro styling, hand-dipped milkshakes, and a jukebox set to the oldies come together to make the 66 Diner in Albuquerque, NM a Route 66 classic…

Alaska or bust: a father & daughter road trip for the ages

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A father and daughter bond over one mega road trip through America’s last wild frontier…

Part 2: Father/daughter Alaskan Road Trip

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Part 2 of Morgan and her father’s epic road trip through Alaska…

Step aboard Air Force One at the National Museum of the US Air Force

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You don’t need to be a political powerhouse to tour an Air Force One. Just head to the Presidential Gallery at the National Museum of the US Air Force…

Take the baseball lover’s ultimate spring training road trip

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Enjoy the best baseball, beers, and food Florida has to offer on this Sunshine State spring training road trip…

Nicolas Cage was right! There is a secret room at Mt. Rushmore

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Yes, there absolutely is a secret, hidden room inaccessible to visitors at famed Mt. Rushmore. But what’s in it, and why is it off-limits?

Monell’s in Nashville is the southern-style restaurant of our dreams

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If you eat at one place on your trip to Nashville, make sure it’s Monell’s.

These retro national park posters belong on every diehard road tripper’s wall

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Modeled after the iconic WPA posters of the 30s & 40s, these national park posters are the absolute coolest thing a traveller can hang on their wall…

Searching Pittsburgh for the real “Froggy’s” from This is Us

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In NBC’s This is Us, Jack and Rebecca frequent a Pittsburgh watering hole known as Froggy’s, but is it a real place? We find out.

Rally North America may have just created the perfect road trip

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Some of the country’s most famous scenic drives paired with race track experiences, historic hotels, and delicious food… This might be the perfect road trip.