Cajun Food Tours is a mouth-watering, must-do in Lafayette, LA

    After a day with Cajun Food Tours in Lafayette, LA, your tastebuds will never be the same…

    We’ve been on just about every tour imaginable. Driving tours. Self-guided tours. Haunted tours. Walking tours. Drinking tours. Seriously, we’ve done a lot of tours. But… one of our absolute favorites has to be Cajun Food Tours down in Lafayette, LA. Just thinking about it makes our mouths water…

    New Orleans gets a lot of attention for its food, and it should, but its Acadian neighbor of Lafayette has a stunning food culture all its own, and no one brings that to life better than Cajun Food Tours.

    So what’s it like? What makes it so great?

    Well, let us tell you all about our day with Cajun Food Tours

    When Marie, the founder of Cajun Food Tours, first turned on the mic, we knew right away she was a true Cajun. She began with a little history of the area, and if you don’t know this already, it’s a fascinating one. She primed us for our day of eating with the story of the Acadian people and the Lafayette area before we soon arrived at our first stop, BJ’s Sandwich shop in Broussard for fried shrimp po-boys.

    Photo: Austin Coop

    Inside this charming turn-of-the-century little wooden building, you’ll find one of the very best po-boys in the whole state (yes, including New Orleans) with it’s fresh shrimp and perfect bread. After one bite, we knew we’d made the right call choosing Cajun Food Tours.

    via BJ’s

    From BJ’s, it was off to our favorite stop of the day, NuNu’s Fresh Market in Youngsville. At first glance, we wondered how we went from a place with all the charm of BJ’s to what appeared to be a grocery store…

    We didn’t wonder for long. NuNu’s may look like an everyday grocery store from the outside, but it’s actually a top-notch meat market and the absolute perfect place to try another Cajun delicacy- boudin.

    For those of you unfamiliar, boudin is a big deal in Louisiana, and every billboard along the highway claims to be pointing to the best boudin to be found. Thankfully, our expert Marie knew where to find the actual best boudin around and it was right there at NuNu’s.

    And as If that wasn’t enough, NuNu’s served us up some amazing cracklin’, Steen’s cane syrup pork sausage, and even some cajun seasoning to take home with us.

    From NuNu’s, it was off to Fezzo’s for some Monterey char-grilled oysters and some superb alligator. Alligator is a personal favorite, but it’s tough to find good grilled gator… Again, Marie comes through with some perfect gator for the group. Fezzo’s also provided us with a chance to get some tasty cocktails and local beers.

    After Fezzo’s, we headed to La Cuisine de Maman for another food Louisiana is known for: gumbo. La Cuisine de Maman is tucked into Vermilionville, an interactive village dedicated to educating folks like us about the Acadian, Creole and Native American cultures so prevalent in the Lafayette area. From our sunny seats by the water, we ended our savory part of the tour with sausage and chicken gumbo sure to appease even a local.

    With a bunch of savory spots under our belt, it was time to finish it all off with something sweet. Our Cajun Food Tours adventure came to an end with a brioche king cake at Poupart Bakery.

    The only truly French bakery in the whole area, it’s king cake was absolutely perfect… (and Marie snuck the baby in there for us- just like a traditional king cake!)

    Of course, the plethora of other sweets on display at Poupart Bakery also meant few in our group left without grabbing a little something sweet for the road.

    via Poupart Bakery

    Our final verdict… In just a few hours, Cajun Food Tours finds a way to educate, entertain, and feed in a way few other tours can claim.

    With multiple different tours to choose from and 30 different partners in the Lafayette area, visitors to Lafayette shouldn’t just go on a Cajun Food Tours tour, they should go on one each and every time they’re anywhere near Lafayette, LA.

    Cajun Food Tours




    All photos via Cajun Food Tours unless otherwise noted.


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