Add this handy barbecue sauce infographic to your road food toolkit

    So many states. So many styles of barbecue sauce. This handy barbecue sauce infographic breaks it all down so you’ll know what you’re getting in every state where you order some BBQ…

    If there’s one food that lots of people can get behind, it’s probably barbecue. We love it in the summer and the winter. We love barbecue dishes of all sorts of sources—pork, beef, chicken—and all different ways.

    Some of those ways differ by region, especially when it comes to sauces. Different areas of the country are known for different specialty sauces, inspired by history, tradition, or ingredient preferences. Regardless of the recipes, most sauces can be divided into one of four buckets: vinegar/pepper, mustard, light tomato, and heavy tomato. And those can differ further in those categories based on thinness and thickness, its base, and its flavor profile.

    Take North Carolina, for example. Vinegar offers the base of this historic sauce (which has African roots), for a tangy, tart flavor that balances out what are often richer, fattier dishes in meat. How else do sauces differ? This graphic explains it.

    So now whether you’re in Texas, North Carolina, or anywhere in between, you’ll know what to expect when you order that big plate of BBQ!
    Speaking of BBQ… Why not do a road trip devoted to it? Here are a couple for ya!

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