Airports are bringing in bizarre “guests” to calm passengers


    Ok, so you can’t always drive everywhere you want to go. If long TSA lines and fear of flying get you down, fear not… Some airports are inviting some totally unexpected guests to comfort you…

    Some of us just prefer the feel of the open road. Some of us are scared of flying. Some of us lose our minds when the lines at the airport are too long. Needless to say, the airport isn’t always a welcome part of your next trip. With that in mind, airports are resorting to some pretty strange methods to keep you happy before you depart. Here are the two weirdest we stumbled across:

    Miniature horses invade Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)

    I mean, this is just adorable, right? via Seven Oaks Farm
    I mean, this is just adorable, right? via Seven Oaks Farm

    Yes, you read that right. Thanks to the folks at the Seven Oaks Farms Miniature Therapy Horses program, nervous and stressed fliers can now pet a miniature horse while they stew over their delayed flight or lost luggage.

    Dubbed the “Refresh” Program, the horses will hang out in various locations around the airport, each ready for your to pet and hug it. They just had their first trial a few days ago, and we’ll admit… a miniature horse does bring a smile to your face.

    San Diego International Airport sends in the clown troupe

    via Juan Salmoral/Flickr
    via Juan Salmoral/Flickr

    Nothing eases your fear of flying quite like a pack of clowns from the circus running circles around you. Despite most of us having a quiet distrust for these face-painted joy-spreaders, NBC News reports:

    As part of a performing arts residency program, Fern Street Circus will be offering performances, rehearsals and workshops in the airport over the next eight months.

    “They are creating content inspired by the traveler experience, so they will constantly be visible, trying out new ideas and interacting with passengers,” said airport spokesman Jonathan Heller. “We certainly think they will be at the checkpoints often, as people waiting in line are a great audience for them!”

    Well, we suppose anything is worth a try…

    Meanwhile, find us on the open road, minus the clowns and miniature horses.


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