#50States7Days Day 5 Recap: late night gas proves elusive

    Our friends with the #50States7Days tour have made it to the west coast (and by the time you read this, probably Alaska). Despite being pretty much Kings of the Road by now, they’re still learning some random state facts the hard way…

    When we left you with the day 4 recap, the fellas had made it all the way to Colorado. Today, they covered every single lower-48 state except Washington. Knock on wood, it looks like they’ll be covering all 50 states with some time to spare (hopefully on a beach in Hawaii.)

    Of course, day 5 wasn’t all sunshine and roses… the car started to make some funny noises along the way, but after popping the hood and pretending to know how to diagnose the problem, the problem seemed to fade away.


    And then there’s Oregon… one of only 2 states with laws preventing you from filling your own gas tank. Not a big deal really, unless you’re in the middle of nowhere Oregon and the gas stations are all closed.

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    Despite some gas shortages and an unidentified noise from under the hood, they still made it to state #47, California. Here’s a recap of day 5:







    It’s not too late to still bug the crap out of them on social media. Follow them on-the-go on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Check back each day at Two Lane America for the daily recap of their adventures. Here’s day 1, 2, 3, and 4.





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