#50States7Days Day 3 Recap: Who needs sleep?

    It’s time for our Day 3 recap from our #50States7Days crew who are still rolling right along in hopes of hitting every single state in just 7 days…

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    The crew was somewhere near Missouri when the clock rolled over to to begin day 3, and the guys found once again they’d be driving through the night in shifts if they wanted a shot at the 50 state record.


    By the time we caught up with them, they sounded a little tired, but rejuvenated by the trip through the midwest where friends and family met them along the way with care packages and encouragement. (Midwest folks really are the greatest)


    Let’s see where they went on day 3:



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    Oh, and somehow, they had time to make this video… We see a record deal by day 7.

    Learn more about this epic trip and read their day 1 and day 2 recaps on Two Lane America.


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