#50States7Days Day 2 recap: all fun and games till somebody gets hit in the face

    The #50States7Days fellas are barreling through the south and into the plains as they continue their quest to road trip to every single state in only 7 days. Here’s a recap of Day 2…

    As of our last update, the #50States7Days crew had knocked out about a third of this great country, been stopped by a cop but let off with a warning for flying the stars and stripes, and been hounded by their newfound fans at every gas station. Day 2 is now in the books as well with more run ins with the law and a nasty gash on Will’s face. (Luckily, this law enforcement photo was staged…)

    #50states7days 4

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    As you can see from this video, William took a tripod to the face pretty dang hard…

    Let that be a lesson to you kids. Ouch.

    busted face #50states7Days

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    Like yesterday, the gang is also making friends everywhere they go like Hunter in Oklahoma and every single toll booth attendant (posing below with their fresh new coozies)

    #50states7days kid

    #50states7days toll


    Want to see the states the covered today? Yeah, of course you do!


    #50states7days 2

    #50states7days 3

    #50states7days 5


    #50states7days 7

    #50states7days 8

    #50states7days 9

    #50states7days 10

    #50states7days 11

    Missed the Day 1 Recap? Read it here.

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