#50States7Days Day 1 recap: friendly cops who love America are the best

    Our maniac friends are official on the road trying to visit all 50 states in just 7 days. As you can imagine, day 1 had plenty of, uh, hiccups… Here’s a recap.

    We first told you about these best friends and their crazy road trip in this post, and we promised you frequent updates on their progress. With one day in the books, we have plenty of states, a few stories, and plenty of pictures from each state covered on day 1.


    As you can imagine, it didn’t take long for the traveling vagabonds to get pulled over by ol’ smokey. Despite going, “quite a bit over the speed limit,” the officer let them off with a warning on the count of their giant USA flag flying from the back of the SUV. Once again we’re reminded what great Americans police officers are.


    The cop was a delay, but the boys are realizing they’re facing another delay… Since they’re dressed like the most patriotic goons ever and their car looks like something out of an Independence Day parade, they tend to draw a little attention when they stop for gas. Of course, they’re not complaining about the attention, but it will definitely figure in to their time tables for the trip.


    Speaking of attention, their trip has just begun so you’re not too late to follow along. Like them on Facebook, follow along on Twitter and Instagram, and use the hashtag #50states7days to cheer them on.


    Oh, and if you see them at a gas station, DO bug them. They want to be your friend, and you’re not going to ruin anything by snapping pictures and chatting them up for a few.



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    Like their awesome red, white, and blue swag, get some from Tipsy Elves.

    Come back to Two Lane America each day for more updates.


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    • Sam Hill

      Chris, it was great meeting you at the NUBAR at the
      Sheraton Commander in Cambridge. I hope your endeavor is successful.

      Sam Hill

    • Shawn West

      We video bombed you at Mount Rushmore.
      God bless and hope the rest of your trip goes well

      • Austin Coop

        HAHA! Well done. We’ll pass along your comment!

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