Warm up at the 10 best small-town coffeeshops in all Wisconsin

    Wisconsin best coffeeshops

    Wisconsin best coffeeshops

    These local Wisconsin coffeeshops can take away even the harshest winter chill…

    Let’s face facts here, Wisconsin winters are for real. Only the hearty and brave can survive the snow and frigid temperatures of a northern winter, but sometimes even the most seasoned Wisconsin-dweller needs a perfect latte and warm meal to get through the day. If these 10 small-town coffeeshops can’t warm you up, no one can…

    Kavarna (Green Bay)

    We’ve loved Kavarna ever since we stumbled in on our very first trip to Green Bay. Delicious drinks, friendly folks, and just the right feel make this one of our favorite coffeeshops of all time.

    Most coffeeshops feel cramped and crowded, but Kavarna somehow just keeps going and going and going without ever losing its cozy feel. Finally, when in the far back of the store, the space really opens up and reveals a large area perfect for shows, art exhibits, and more.

    Paradigm Coffee & Music (Sheboygan)

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    Where do we even begin? With the live music? With the bicycles? The motorcycles? The food? Oh, and great coffee too! Paradigm Coffee & Music takes everything we love, rolls it into one awesome space, and opens it for all to enjoy. Active forces of good in Sheboygan, Paradigm Coffee & Music joins Kavarna as a space that functions as so much more than a cafe, and we love it.

    via Paradigm/Instagram

    New Moon (Oshkosh)

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    Considered one of the best cafes in Oshkosh for over a decade now, New Moon never disappoints. If you’re looking for a perfect way to warm up on a cold Wisconsin winter’s day, New Moon’s out-of-this-world fresh soups should do the trick. Pair their soups with coffee roasted in-house and you have a super-fresh, super-local, super-tasty lunch or dinner brewing.

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    Planet Perk (Oshkosh)

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    Ever start going to a coffeeshop and soon feel like you’re part of a new family? That’s what being a regular at Planet Perk feels like. For the folks at Planet Perk, it’s all about their community both in Oshkosh and the larger world as a whole. They proudly serve fair and direct trade products and generally champion all things Oshkosh from the police department to local citizens in need. Oh, and the food and drinks they sling taste pretty darn good, too.

    Acoustic Cafe (Eau Claire)

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    As you can imagine from the name, the Acoustic Cafe is a phenomenal place to catch a little live music, but it’s so much more than just a music venue. For starters, how about the fact they roast their own beans and bake their own bread? Fresh baked bread… that’s enough for us to love this place forever. Bread isn’t the only thing baked in house, though. Their rotating selection of baked goods is just downright mouthwatering.

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    Firefly (Oregon)

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    Proudly described as “Oregon’s Living Room,” Firefly is the kind of place you’ll find everything from a class of 2nd graders to a book club to painting party. The excellent baristas serve up top-notch beverages, but their warm vibes are what make this place special. Heck, they even have a kids area for the younger ones to enjoy while their parents get the caffeine they so desperately need.

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    Bearded Heart Coffee (Bailey’s Harbor)

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    Cozy. Cozy. Cozy. And wonderful. This tiny little gem is packed during the warmer months as tourists enjoy the patio of Bearded Heart, just steps from Lake Michigan, but it’s also a wonderful spot for year-round residents to warm up during the winter. Despite it’s small footprint, Bearded Heart Coffee’s thoughtful design, posh interior, and delicious drinks (thanks in part to fresh, local goat milk) help it to make a huge impression on visitors.

    Coffee lovers, read more about Bearded Heart in this excellent article from Fresh Cup.

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    Red Mug Coffeehouse and Bakery (Superior)

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    Red Mug: Funky, fun, and kind-of famous ever since Vice President Joe Biden dropped by back in 2012. In the 5+ years since the former VP stopped and bought some donkey-shaped cookies, the Red Mug Coffeehouse and Bakery has just continued doing what it does best… serving delicious meals and drinks in a warm, inviting space. Their mission to be a “third place,” or a community anchor is alive and well with space for relaxing with friends.

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    Bella Goose Coffee (Wisconsin Dells)

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    Drinking a cup of Bella Goose’s coffee isn’t just doing something for yourself, it’s engaging in all sorts of good works around the world. Your cup of coffee is helping everyone from the farmers harvesting the beans (roasted in-house, by the way) to the victims of human trafficking. Their hip space in Wisconsin Dells is just the launching pad for future shops around the world as they aim to give others hope, one cup of coffee at a time. It helps that their baked goods and coffee creations taste pretty amazing too.

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    The Open Door Coffeehouse (Mayville)

    This non-profit coffeeshop takes community engagement to a whole new level with their extensive amount of programming with everything from live music to parenting workshops to young adult game nights. While lots of coffeeshops aim to be community-centered spaces, The Open Door Coffeehouse takes it to a whole new level. Even if you don’t want to attend a “Family Night” or “Senior Movie Matinee,” stop by and grab a cup of coffee, you’ll fall in love with these folks and this space.

    Ok, those are our 10 favorites. As with any list we do, we’re sure we left your favorite off the list, and you’re outraged… Please let everyone know your favorite Wisconsin coffeeshops that didn’t make the list!

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    • Chloe Tschudy

      Higher Grounds Coffee Shop in Beaver Dam!! They have this amazing rental space, a warm welcoming feeling and they always have events! They serve wine and make 95% of their bakery from old family recipes and all from scratch! Really is an amazing place to visit!

    • Kevin Smithson

      I’d also recommend Urban Fuel near Fond du Lac, Weather Center in Sheboygan, and Copper Rock in Appleton.

    • Beth Messman

      Copper Rock in Appleton is amazing!

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